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Oh, that naughty, naughty boy! We caugt up w/19 year old Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio (w/actor pal Tobey McGuire in tow) at a party at New York's Tunnel nightspot last March for David Lee Roth. DLR had just played at the Academy Theatre on Broadway and Leo could be seen in the wings, swaying to and fro. This is one teen idol who likes to rock 'n' roll!

Q: What are you doing at this party?

LD: I'm a huge Diamond Dave fan. He's the funnisest person alive.

Q: I know you're in town doing The Basketball Diaries, but I really want to ask you about Gilbert Grape right now since it's been re- released into theatres after you Oscar nomination. By the way, did you know that there were a couple of Las Vegas casino owners who made $1 million bets that you'd win the Oscar?

LD: Yeah, someone told me about them Oscar Day. Should I call an apologize? (Laughs.)

Q: Do you have any great secrets about what happened on the set of Gilbert Grape?

LD: Yeah-animal rights activists are going to have my head for this one. I was supposed to do a scene where Arnie slams the head off a grasshopper in the family mailbox. There were actually animal rights activists on the set to ensure that we really didnt do it, but I didn't know this. So I put the grasshopper in the mailbox and the director decides to shoot the rehearsal and I just smashed the poor thing's head off. I think the director was hoping I'd do that because he thought that it was ridiculous that these activists had to be there to monitor things. He was a little annoyed. (Laughs.)

Q: What kind of music do you like?

LD: In general, I like hardcore rap. I listen to rap in my car all the time. This might upset my folks, but I listen to Snoop Doggy Dogg, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Eazy E and a lot of the LA rappers. Originality counts the most and before you ask about if the lyrics are potentially dangerous to children, well, I think someone old enough to buy one of these albums knows what's wrong and what's right and doesn't take the lyrics literally.

Q: What has been the biggest disappointment in your career so far?

LD: Losing the part in Interview With The Vampire to Christian Slater.