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Well, In April 2003 i visited the TITANIC: at home exhibition in Belfast, and the first thing i would like to say is WOW. the second thing i would like to do is thank all the members of Belfast City Council and Ulster Titanic society for making it all possible.
  The Exhibition took place in the great city hall. Built in 1906, this beautiful building strongly resembles Titanic's interior (much of the same arcitecture) including a dome above the staircase. Through-out the week-long exhibition the Two Titanic soundtracks (one upstairs, one downstairs) filled the rooms, which was very haunting.
   There was a lot of Titanic shops, i managed to by the special box-set edition of Titanic, a replica of the drawing of rose, a ticket and the note from Rose to Cal among other things.
   I also went on a tour round Belfast, and saw Thomas Andrews (Titanic's master shipbuilder)' school and church and house. I visited a beautiful Titanic Memorial outside city hall for all those people who died from Belfast with their names engraved on it - was lovely.
   I also got a ticket to see 'Ghosts of the Abyss' at the massive IMAX cinema (biggest in the UK), which was amazing, i cried my eyes out.
   During the week, i saw many talks with many titanic-experts, including Daniel Allen Butler, a wondefully talented author.I had actually been speaking to him for quite a while online, so it was nice to put a name to a face. But what really stuck out about his talk was the fact that it literally made me cry, he read a extract from his book 'Unsinkable' ( i will put the extract on my site soon) and it was very moving, even he was crying.


This is a picture of me and Jonathan Evans Jones, the violinist from the film (he plays Wallace Hartley!) Not only did i get to meet him, i also got to see a concert performed by his band and he was wearing the same costume from the film! :o)


This is a selection of pics of me with the clothes! wooo! i was allowed to touch them!!! I got to touch something Leo wore! waaaah! I will take this chance to say the swim dress (worn during the sinking of the ship by Rose) is even more beautiful up close, there is delicate lacing at the top, its sooooo beautiful. And rose's purple boarding hat was nearly bigger than me lol!