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Me: Who am i?
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Well Here are some pics and info about me...



This is my Dad (Pepe) and my Mum (Lyn) (My Dad died in 2000)

When I Was Younger:-


This is Me where it all began!


This Is Me when I was 5 hehe


This is Me singing in a school play when i was about 7 or 8 i think


my mum and my auntie and me in the pram in La Coruņa


Ah! The Joys of being six...


This Is me On holiday in Mallorca last year...i was in a great mood...


Me In my first ever real performance in the schooly play, with the title role of "Medea"

This is My Grandad - telling me off -while hewas drunk on holiday lol ( he died in 2001)




Why do i like Titanic?


My grandad's fred durst impression...Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'



1) When's your birthday? 3rd of march
2) Where do you live? England
3) Have you visited all 50 states? no
4) Have you ever traveled abroad? yes
5) Do you like to travel? its ok
6) Describe a funny/crazy/freaky experience you had while traveling. er they thought they found a bomb once
7) What's your favorite animal? cat
8) Do you have a pet? yeh 2 goldfish...yay.
9) Do you think hunting is wrong? no
10) Describe a funny/crazy/freaky experience you had with animals. er a dog humped my leg which wasn't pleasent
11) So what school do you go to? the school of stuff
12) Are you smart? no
13) What are your average grades? depends on the subjects i like
14) What class are you? (Class of 2002, Class of 2001, etc.) class of...2004 i think
15) Do you like your school? no
16) True or false: There are some things you just can't learn in school. true
17) Describe a funny/crazy/freaky experience you had at school. i did my homework.
18) How often do you brush your teeth? twice a day
19) What's your favorite flower? rose
20) How about your favorite book? a walk to remeber by nicholas sparks
21) TV show? Friends
22) Sport? sport ewwww
23) Homemade meal? chocolate cake heh
24) About how long are you on the Internet per day? hours and hours
25) Do you get along with your family? yeh
26) Would you do anything just to get out of your house for one day? no
27) Are there days when you'd rather be at school than at home? sometimes not v. often tho
28) Are your parents divorced? no
29) If so, for how long? no
30) Is family life chaotic for you? no
31) Would you rather bungee-jump or fight with your parents? fight with my mum
32) Would you bungee-jump ever? doubt it
33) Are you a risk-taker? i culd b
34) Would you skydive? no
35) Scuba dive? maybe
36) Dive off the high dive? i didnt dive- i jumped
37) Dive into a pool of Jell-O? sure
38) Would you ever skinny dip? sure
39) Streak? hmmm maybe
40) Go to a nudist beach? heh ok
41) If you answered "no" to number 40, why not? aren't you listening
42) But I'm assuming that you would go to a "regular" beach, right? ya
43) How often do you go to the beach? whenever im in spain
44) Do you ever work out like crazy before you go to the beach in hope of getting a good body to show off at the beach? no
45) Describe a funny/crazy/freaky experience you've had while at the beach. erm i fell
46) Given the chance, would you live at the beach? no
47) Have you ever surfed? lol yeah right me surf?! lolol thats funny
48) Have you ever body-surfed? no
49) Have you ever been at the beach in the middle of a rainstorm? yeah
50) Have you ever been stuck anywhere in the middle of a rainstorm? yeah
51) Suppose it's sprinkling outside.  Would you typically use an umbrella or wear a hat?  Or neither? neither
52) Studies show that your chances of being struck by lightning are tripled if you are holding an umbrella in the middle of a thunderstorm.  Would you still use an umbrella anyway? i dont anyway
53) Do you know anyone who's been struck by lightning? no
54) Do you know anyone who has died?  Were you close to this person? (or people)? yeah, my dad, my grandad, my ex boyfriend, my best friend, my 2 good friends etc etc
55) Did you cry? yes
56) Do you tell your loved ones "I love you" on a daily basis? yeah
57) Have you ever loved someone so much it's made you cry? yea
58) Have you ever fallen in love with someone else? yea
59) Have you experienced "true love"? duno
60) Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
61) True or false: There's somebody out there for everybody. better bloody be
62) Do you go through partners quickly? no not really
63) What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend? duno its different every time
64) Would you go out with someone who was drop-dead gorgeous but absolutely stupid? sure
65) Do you go out with people just for their looks alone? no
66) Do you undress people with your thoughts? yeah!!!
67) Have you ever performed oral sex? no..
68) Have you ever had oral sex performed on you? yes....
69) Do you like this number?  no but Virginia does.
70) Are you a virgin? yes
71) Do you think oral sex is sex? no
72) What are your thoughts about teen pregnancy?  i dont think ne1 shuld give birth to a teen :oP
73) True or false: Premarital sex is wrong. who gives a flying fuckadoodle?
74) True or false: You should only have sex with someone when you're truly in love. hmmm nah
75) Given the chance, would you be willing to have a one-night stand with someone? yeah probz
76) Do you think you would get a thrill out of going to a club, having a one-night stand with someone, then wake up the next morning with a total hangover and not remember what you did last night, and to find that the person that was with you is nowhere to be seen, and you find 50 missing from your wallet? no
77) Do you plan on saving sex until you're married? no
78) Are you planning on getting married? probz
79) At what age? i duno dunt care too much
80) Do you want to have a big, spectacular wedding with everyone you know or a small, traditional, get-together-with-family-and-close-friends wedding? dunt care
81) Do you plan on having kids? probz
82) If you answered "yes" to number 81, how many are you planning to have? i duno i dont want to push too much.
83) Are you more interested in having a conformative, all-American, white-collared job, married, living in a suburban home, a dog, and 2.3 kids, or more interested in living a non-traditional, action-packed life? erm ...huh?
84) What's your favorite smell? petrol
85) Movie? Titanic & R+J & this boys life
86) Actor and actress?Leonardo dicaprio & kate winslet
87) Beverage? vodka
88) Music type? alanis!
89) Musical artist? ALANIS!
90) Would you ever want to be on "Survivor"? no
91) How about "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"? yeh
92) "The Weakest Link"? no
93) Are you the weakest link? yes
94) Are you a TV fan? yes
95) Are you an aspiring actor? yes
96) Are you a sports fan? no
97) Are you an aspiring athlete? no
98) Would you want to live in a big city? sure
99) If you answered "yes" to number 98, which city(ies) would you like to live in? dunt care
100) Are you a perfectionist? no
101) It's the 101st question.  Do you like the movie "101 Dalmations"? lol its ok
102) Does anyone you know remind you of Cruella de Vil? hell yes, quite a few ppl....
103) Are you afraid of failure? no
104) How about rejection? sometimes
105) Michael Jordan didn't make one of his high school basketball teams.  When Barbara Walters first started out in journalism, she was told that she would never make it in television.  With these things in mind, are you still afraid of failure and rejection? im confused
106) Do you like anybody at the moment? yes
107) If so, who? mind your own damn business
108) Are you straight, gay, or bi? straight
109) Do you go on dates often? yeh
110) Do you like to go on double dates? neva had 1
111) Blind dates? no i usually end up with ugly ppl
112) Describe a funny/crazy/freaky experience you've had while on a date. didn't i tell u to mind ur own business?
113) If someone set you up on a blind date, and you were told you were perfect for each other.  When you finally meet your date, he/she is not very attractive and smells bad.  What would you do in such a situation? kill the person who set us up
114) Are you typically the dumper or the dumpee? both
115) How bad do you feel after you've broken up with someone (if you feel bad at all?) pretty bad
116) True or false: There are plenty of fish in the sea. false - they are all dying
117) Do you believe in fate, meaning that all of our lives are predetermined? yeah
118) Do you think when we die, that's it? duno
119) Are you religious? no
120) Are you a "holy roller"? no
121) True or false: 121 is a perfect square. what the fuck?
122) Do you go to church? no
123) If so, how often? no
124) When was the last time you went to church? i like cheese
125) Do you think church is boring? hello
126) Do you belive in God? not sure
127) Heaven? not sure
128) Hell?  yeah double maths
129) Reincarnation? duno
130) What about aliens? yeah anne robinson
131) Do you think aliens really have abducted Earthlings? i think anne does yes
132) Do you play any sports? no
133) Do you work out? no
134) If so, how often? no
135) Do you work out to maintain good health or try to maintain a good body, or both? not really lil
136) How fast can you run a mile? havent run a mile in years
137) Do you drink a lot of bottled water? yeh
138) Can you taste the difference between different kinds of water? yes
139) Do you play any musical instruments? no
140) How about singing? Do you sing? i try but i can't
141) Do you write music? no
142) How about lyrics? yes
143) What do you like to do when you're bored? watch films go on the net
144) Do you daydream? yes a lot
145) Have you ever been embarrassed in a class because you were daydreaming? (i.e., the teacher calling your name and you don't respond) yeahp
146) Do you ever get in trouble in school for your behavior? yes
147) Do you get low marks because of your behavior? yes
148) Are you a class clown? no
149) Have you ever had detention? yes
150) Been sent to the principal's office? yes
151) The last few questions are about people you know. Who's the most likely to become a highly-regarded lawyer? hmmm...wayne
152) An army general? hehe virginia
153) A professional singer? stuwie
154) A movie star? me ! ( i hope lol)
155) An award-winning author/poet? wayne again
156) A teen mother? Rosy! (j/k not really)
157) And who will be the father? orlando bloom...
158) A stand-up comedian? jen!
159) A talk show host? Jen!
160) A fugitive on the run from the law? Kasia!
161) Describe yourself in three words. me me me