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The Love Triangle

The Wedding Party

You have a gift Jack

You Liked this woman

Ah, Forget it boyo

Jack after sneaking up to first class

The Crew

Jack and Fabrizio staring at Rose

The Ship Will Sink

Brandy and Cigars


Brock i got a satelite call for you

The finished masterpiece

Distant Memories

This is not a game

The first and only forever

Rose and Jack in the gym.

Care to escort a lady to dinner?

a cute couple?

well, yes m'am i do

Pay Day

I need to catch up on my gossip

Gaelic Storm

But the purpose of university is to find a suitable husbad(or lipstick)

Jesus Mary and Joseph

That Purple Hat


Cal,Ruth, Rose and trudy at Southampton


The Perfect couple

So he comes home drunk as a pig celebratin' and he lights a fire

Run From Cal

Jack and Rose at the stern of the ship as it loiters in the air

Suave Jack

Come into the boat Rose

Will you hold the boat a moment?

Tell us Rose

If Only you'd come to me sooner

English Rose

Contemplating suicide

The American Adam

Ruth at Southampton

Rose; the heart of the ocean

Murdoch overlooking the lowering of a lifeboat

Lowering away

A Building Panic

Ship at Port

I think they're very good, sir

Why Thankyou

Jack Poker

Like this

Rose examining her mirror

Murdoch as the Iceberg approaches

Rose As She Approaches Jack At The Bow

Rose looking up at the lover she has left behind

Rose and Cal eating breakfast

It's Overwhelming

Can i take your name please love?

Jack concentrating hard

Close up of Jack in the tux

The water is freezing

I'll let go

Over here Son

Im engaged

The Stare

Fabrizio trying to wake Jack from his trance

Angelic Smile#1

Jack's face as he spins


Rose And Jack Drowning

Get Back

Cal drops his breakfast on the floor

You will honour me

Cal having a go at Jack

Steamy Sunday

Rose Looking like hell (not suprising she's just been there)

Well you would'a done it already

They've got you trapped Rose

Cora, her dad and her skull-like doll

Jack showing Cora his drawings(cut scene)RARE picture!!!

Sexy Eyes

A light hearted joke from Rose

Jack Does exactly what Cal has been wanting him to do all night

Half the people of this ship are going to die

Not the better half

I've got ya, i won't let go

Ridin' like a man

Fire and Foe

Teaching Rose to Spit Like a man


Im Rose DeWittBeakater

Rose Looks Down as she begins to climb back over the rail

Rose running and crying

Kate Winslet and James Cameron

Like I said, women and machinery do not mix

What a strict world for women

Not to impune your work sir

Rose Cautiously looking at the man who is staring at her

The Heart Of The Ocean

Rose DeWittBeakater and Madeline Astor talking(cut scene) RARE picture!!!

Ruth fastening Rose's fate

Rose about to spit RARE picture!!!

Jack's Trance

Jack In Awe

And Chew Tabacco like a man RARE picture!!!

Jack Falling In Love

Jack In Panic

Jack looking a bit 'high'

Rose giving irish dancing a go

To the Stars

I did the sum in my head

Jack's Fate

Im My Flying Machine...

Jack And Rose Publicity shot

BEAUTIFUL publicity shot RARE picture!!! (well worth seeing)

Rose and Jack Talking after steerage party- really nice picture

Jack and Rose see the murderer

Jack and Rose in crowd waiting for boat

Kate and Leo on a break

Rose and Jack publicity shot- symbolic capture showing Rose as the dominant figure of the relationship RARE picture!!!

Rose pleased at the outcome of her urges

Jack and Rose Flying Publicity shot

Jack and Rose "flying"

Promise me that you'll never give up...not matter how hopless..."I Promise"

Faces On The Soundtrack Cover

An Irish Jig

Leo On A Break

James Cameron Doing His Job

Jack Sinking

Jack Waiting For An Absolution

Rose DeWittBeakater

Can you tell me who the claimet was Rose?

A swamped Lifeboat And Accusation of betrayal

The Front Of The Video Cover

A Collage of Pictures; Rose leaning on Jack for the last time;Rose looking at Jack's pictures; Jack Staring at Rose;A Kiss for the lady and i guess we'll find out. 3 RARE Pictures!!!

Jack And Rose Flying Against the enormity(and beauty i might add) of the Ship

The Set

Light disturbing the darkness

The Ship breaks in two

A Ship In Need...

Is a ship indeed!

Captain Facing the new world with his cuppa tea

The Bow Slowly Sinking

People Swamping a boat

The Gravesite

Vertically Challenged

Titanic Logo

A Small Blue 'Titanic' Title

Spicer Lovejoy

The Titanic Zooming past

Dolphines at the prow

Jack Grabbing Rose In The Water

And That's Benjimen Guggenhiem- RARE picture!!

Jack! There's a boat!

Rose and Jack trying to climb out of the neck high water

Making The Set

Ship Of Dreams (Animation)RARE picture!!!

Titanic Leaving Dock

Captain Smith and Lowe


Does Leo Always Date Gals with wings?

That was pitiful


Titanic just about to take a journey back in time

Transition of Love To Memory

J.C. telling leo and kate what to do

Make Up For Leo

Rose Staring at the Stars

Sinking Collage

Voyage Of Destiny

The Necklace

Rose On Top

Nothing to loose

Jack's Disbelief

Fabrizio unsuprisingly grumpy

Rose in her blue number dancing with Jack

A slightly tinted version of the above

A smaller Tinted version of the above

Nothing On Earth Could Come Between Them

The Titanic Going Down

Rose Arms streched out Suprised Jack Supporting Her

The DVD Cover

Kate Leo and James Having a break

Jim and Leo Talking

Jim Filming

James Cameron Concentrating

Leo and Kate rehearsing the iceberg scene for J.C.

J.C. and Leo Chatting

The Title

Cool Banner


Filming Flying

Bow and The Lovers

Jack And Fabby Running to Board

Titanic Porthole with Jack and Rose Inside

A Black and White Promise

I Changed My Mind

Gi'me your Hand


Soaring Into a Blue Sky

Another Of Flying into a blue sky

That Kiss

fingertips gently touching.

Jack puts his hands on Rose's waist to steady her.

First Love

Lips About To Touch

The Lovers disolving with age

After so long...

Titanic At Sunset

Jack Looking Down

Le Coeur de la Mer

Heart Of the Ocean Prop and Certificate

Gettin' Jiggy down in third class

A Beautiful Porthole Pic

My Fav Porthole Pic ( really Beautiful! Check it out!)

Captain Smith


Flopped Props

The Set being built

Set Construction

Publicity shot first class corridor upside down Jack and Rose holding hands

Publicity Shot Jack and Rose looking straight at camera

Kate Modelling the Swim Dress

Kate Modelling The Jump Dress

Pub. Shot Jack and Rose In front of Wreck

Jack Whispering In Rose's Ear

Small Pic Of Rose On The raft

Jack Dragging Rose Out Of The Rising water

Rose About to Meet Jack at the clock

The Potrait

Rose Looking guilty at breakfast

Two Mounted Black and White pictures of the titanic


Kate Modelling The Dinner Dress

Rose Thrilled At Jack's Response

Mounted Black and White pic of the above

Running For Cover

Up Close And Personal

Jack breathing in the Brisk nightime air

The Captain Looking up at the warning rockets

Black and White pic of Rose leaning against JackIn The Water

Jack's New Identity

Jack In Wonder

Smaller Picture of above

Beautiful collage Made by PDJ ( Rose&Jack dancing;The Wreck and The ship sinking)

Gorgeous Picture Of The Ship!

Goodnight Rose

Big Picture Of The Salvaged Drawing

Poster; Rose (in blue dress) dancing with Jack and the Ship

Rose Changing Her Mind

Jack! There's a Boat! Jack! *sniff*

Don't You Do That!

Rose's Paradise

Cut Scene: Rose About to loose Control (RARE picture!!!)

Cut scene: Fabrizio and Jack Spot Rose Down in third class (One of My fav Pics Of Leo!)

Madame Bijou

Rose And Jack Holding On as the ship sinks beneath the waves(RARE Picture!!!)

The Ship Splitting


Ship Splitting (Lifeboat View point)

The propellers rising out of the water

Note To Cal: Darling...

Jack about to kiss Rose's forhead

well done

Small Picture of rose staring at the stars and Jack...sleeping

Jack and Fabrizio Peering down at the dolphins

Rose's Pose

Jack trying to save Rose from drowning

Cutie Of Jack laughing at Molly's Joke

Another of The Flying Kiss

Jack laughing in the bar

A Lifeboat rowing away

Kinky Business

Rose Smirking at the confident Jack

Framed video logo

Teeeny Weeeny pic of Jack at Dinner

Teeny weeny pic of Distant Memories

Rose Clique Logo

Rose's Love Clique Logo

Titanic Pics logo beautiful (RARE picture!!!)

Beautiful Enter Graphic

Banner;Flying, Rose, freezing, Titanic, Jack, Wreck, Ship

Rose Studying Jack's Movements down in third class

Jack Nods and let's out a Mmm

New Ship/Old Ship

Amazing collage

Rose's World (Animation)

Blue Titanic text, quite cool

Purple Ship of dreams logo (nice)


Rose looking for her cigarette holder

For those in peril on the sea!

Rose Spots a lifeboat

Don't Come any closer!

Rose Spinning round her hair leaping from her shoulders

Even if we only ever just talk about it

The Diamond yet again putting Rose in an uncomfortable position


I'm Thankful

The New Rose


An Immigrant?

Jack I...

Saved In Every way that a person can be saved

Escape From the Grip of Hell

Go Back the way you were

Rose Blowing that Whistle

Up she goes...

And with the number of lifeboats...

Rose's Life About to change forever

Rose Silenced

Clambering Below decks

Rose's Heart

Framed Pic Of Rose Leaving Her Past to rest

Jack and Rose running through waist high water to escape from Cal in a beautiful star shape

Puzzle of Protective Jack

Car Kiss In Heart shaped Frame nice

Up For Nomination...Will Titanic win?

Leo as Character in diamond shape frame

Old Photo Two lovers

Jagged Framed Pic of Rose staring up at the stars holding Jack's frozen hand

Page curl pic of Rose Changing her mind

Beautiful Dipiction Of My heart will go on Lyrics

Autographed Pic Of kate Jim and Leo signed by: Kate and Leo

Autographed pic of Ship sinking Signed By: James Cameron

Autographed Pic of Jack Signed by : Leonardo DiCaprio

autographed pic of Rose Signed by: Kate Winslet

Autographed pic of the soundtrack Signed by: Celine Dion

Autographed Pic of Archibald Gracie Signed by: Bernard Fox

jagged edged video cover


Fantastic Picture of Ship In background, Jack and Rose looking at the picture in the foreground and The words Titanic-RARE PICTURE!!!

Watercolour effect picture of Jack And Rose

Slightly rounded version of the cut scene after the 3rd class party (RARE PICTURE!!!)

Canvas Picture of Rose walking toward Jack on the Bow

Alyson's Titanic Tribute(funny-RARE Picture!!!)

Teach me to drink Milk like a man (FUNNY- RARE PICTURE!!!)

Adopted Titanic

The Titanic Ship of Dreams

Titanic with Jack and Rose with a sky backdrop

Leo Rehearsing climbing over the rail

Moment Of Impact-Director's view

The Skull-like doll face

Spoiled little Brat

No Picnic

Kindly see my man


Ouch I think i'm going cross-eyed...

Jack's Destiny

Jack thinking of a game plan

ha ha ha he got knocked the f*** out!

Just Because I'm a poof

awww look at the dolphins


Purple bordered Snapshot of "I'm the king of the world!" RARE pic!!!

dodgey pic of Jack and Fabrizio at the bow of the ship

The Modern Woman And The Old School Opposition

Do you know of DR. Freud Mr.Ismay?

Right Sweet Pea?

Love at first sight: Jack staring at Rose (from the inside of the soundtrack cover.)

Awww Look at little Leo!

Rose feeling humiliated and fed up(RARE picture!!!)

Rose Running away from her problems

Is This Rose's fate?

Rose about to jump

C'mon gimmie your hand

No you won't

what do you mean 'no i wont'?!

You don't wanna do this


I'm Rose DeWittBeakater

Im gonna have to get ya to write that one down!

Rose laughing at Jack's weak joke

It's getting a little too kinky now guys...

What made you think you could put your hands on my fiance?

I Know you've been melancholy

A diamond? yes!

They called it la coer de la mer

Rose's heart on display

And? (yup, Rose is flirting!)

Then i went down to the pier in santa monica

Why Can't i be like you Jack?

Jack No!

Rose Learning to spit like a man

Rose coughing it up

That's Disgusting!

Well Jack, seems like you're a good man to have around in a sticky spot!

Rose thinking "wow"

The Gentleman

awww don't they look adorable?

there's the countess of rothes

The richest man on the ship

Jack taking the piss outta Cal

Cal looking painfully smug

your ship is a wonder

I got everything i need right here with me

Jack laughing at Molly's story

Rose smiling at jack after the toast

Jack sipping his drink

Rose sitting with Tommy at the 3rd class party

Jack dancing with Cora

Rose enjoying herself

I'm gonna dance with her now, alright?

Jack not sure if he is seeing things right


What?! You think a first class girl can't drink?!

Rose smoking a cigarette - screw her mother- she'll smoke if she wants too!

Rose preparing to perform her party trick

Jack falling in love


Rose collapsing into Jack

Jack holding Rose up

Lovejoy spying on Rose

Cal shouts at Rose

Ruth, Rose and Cal singing in church

the number of lifeboats times...

Kate and Leo on a break

Sooner or later that fire that i love about you Rose

They've got you trapped Rose

Rose Can't face up to the truth

Little girl being instructed how to behave

Jack feeling sorry for himself ( awwww he's so cute when he's sad!)

Do you trust me?


Kate and Leo mucking around

Come Josephine...

In my flying machine...

such horrible conditions

Jack feeling a little uncomfortable

Jack's sexy eyes

Rosie poses

So serious!

He does landscapes!

The finished product

Rose writing a note to Cal

You're trembling

Bugger me!

The power of love

Get back!

Ice scattering over the deck

Framed pic of the doomed couple

The bow disapearing underneath the waves

Captain smith realizes his fate

Is this it?

This is horse shit!


Half the people on this ship are going to die

The water is freezing

Not the better half

Oh Mother, SHUT UP!

Mr. Andrews?

Rose running to the lift

Rose looking for Mr.Andrews

Check right here, Rose!

The Heroine

Jack and Rose trying to escape

Rose pulling herself up

Jack and Rose waiting for a boat

'ere what do ya think you're doing?

you're gonna have to pay for that you know!


Trying to save the young boy

Unable to stay

Unwilling to leave


Rose's tears convince her to do it

Love dominates all


Rose Crying

You Jump I Jump Right?

Undeniable love

Running from Cal

Hearing Screams

swimming against the water

Nearer my God to thee

God Almighty

The First Jack and Rose

Titanic and Heart of the ocean Border

Ridin' like a man

A Similar Pose

Kate and Leo rehearsing

Jack feeling rejected

"Try and hit the same mark again"

Jack creating Rose's wings

Steady On Girl!

Love soaring above the waves

A Pair of regular swells

"No mate. Titanic go to five minutes!"

1 of the 6

Looking into each others eyes

"Uh...that was better..."

Considering their other option

Watching the horrors happening below them

"Both of us!"

"Come on, gimmie your hand- i'll pull you back over"

"How ya doin'?"

Unable to stay...

Unwilling to leave..

"Not the better half"

Waiting for a boat


"It's going fast"

"Why'd you do that huh!?"

Never An Absolution for Rose

Jack and Cal watching Rose leave them

"Come on! I've got ya!"

Saving the boy

"This is the one!"

"Well, I..."

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"

Rose appears at the door

Rose and Jack sneaking onto the gym to talk (Leo looks a bit like Jude law here lol)

"Here we go" -they look like waxworks here!!!

Nothing standing in the way of destiny


"A diamond. A Very rare diamond."

Rose about to jump

Watching Sven get punched

Miss Rose

"You're gonna die an old lady..."

"I promise." *Sniff*


"I know you've been melancholy"

Jack sinking

Paradise about to dissolve

"I fell through some thin ice"

Spoilt Brat?

"Come on. Come on! Turn!"

"Over here son!"

What is Rose doing!?

TITANIC rising above the water

Death of many dreams

"And she was what mother would call 'new money'"


"And chew tabacco like man!"

Rose Covering up her *ahem* Pissed-offness :oP


Rose on the way to save Jack

"So, you wanna go to a real party?"

Death Of Titanic

"At Cherebourg.."

"And spit like a man!"

Rose and Cora's dad watching Jack dancing with cora

"Well, she had beautiful hands ,you see."

"Your trembling."

Titanic's slow painful death

Rose and Jack escaping from Lovejoy

Beautiful cinematography


The Film set sinking

"Miss Rose?"

Captain Smith warning off icebergs with his cup of tea! (if you stare for a while it's as if the picture is moving hmm...)

Rose resists Cal's touch

Captain Smith watching a rocket go off

"Over on the bed.."

"Sooo serious!"

Jack takes a deep breath

"head out for the horizion..."

Jack concentrating

The strausses' fate

Jack's eyes as he draws Rose

"so after that..."

Jack studying the diamond

Jack and Rose leaning over to look at doom

Rose looking for Mr.Andrews

about to kiss for the first time

Rose shocked as a light explodes

Rose being drawn

Rose giving her soul to Jack

"Your ship is a wonder..."

"I got the air in my lungs and a few blank sheets of paper."

Cal notices Jack trying to get into the chapel

"Do you know of Dr. Freud..."

" you?"

Above The Waterline

"...To the stars..."

"As a paying customer.."

Rose struggling through the water with the axe

Rose still fighting her way through the water

"You unimaginable bastard."

Forced to leave

a lifeboat sailing away

"Capiten, capiten where should i go? please!"

The ship begining to split in half

"You nervous?" "no."

Cal shooting after his fiancee

"I can smell ice you know! - when it's near."

"To Make It Count!" --Cheers Leo!!!

"Cal insists on carting this hideous thing everywhere."

"Oh! Open your heart to me Rose!"

"come on Rose."

Jack can't believe Rose is dancing

A flare

Rose screaming as water rushes into the lift

"come on lads!"

"Listen! LISTEN! I've got you- i won't let go! Now pull yourself up-come on!"

"Wearing only this."

"Let us out so we can have a chance!"

Fabrizio awoken by a vibration. ( Hmm..Kinky ;o) )

"We have to stay on the ship as long as possible!"

Leaving Port

Dolphins at the prow


Jack watching Lovejoy play with his bullets (Hmm...)

Scanning the seabed

tut tut and this is a rated 12![PG-13]