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I first saw Dash act in Romeo + Juliet as Benvolio.
I first heard of Dash when he was dating Alanis Morissette.
But i didnt quite realise they were the same person...but they are.


Dash Mihok was born on May 24, 1974 in New York, New York, which makes him a Gemini. He was named after Dashiell Hammett, a famed mystery writer, by his parents who have some connections to the NY theater.

Dash grew up in a trendy artist building in the West Village of New York City and attended many different schools including the
Bronx High School of Science (his freshman year in 1988). Dash has been formally trained in acting and dance. While going to high school, he participated in City Kids, a foundation in NYC thats purpose is to "engage and develop young people" through programs dealing with self-esteem, leadership, and communication. Dash was part of the City Kids Repertory, which puts on productions all over the city. Other famous City Kids include: Malik Yoba (NY Undercover), Lisa Nicole Carson (Ally McBeal), and Donald Faison (Clueless).


Dash has been very busy recently. In the past few years, he has traveled to Mexico (to film R&J), Australia (to film The Thin Red Line), and Cuba (with fellow actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jay Ferguson). He also modeled in the July 1998 issue of GQ Magazine and has been interviewed often about his movies. One reporter recently described him as friendly, gracious and kind-hearted. Dash enjoys horse-back riding, swimming, drumming, and rapping in his spare time.